Better Compensation

As a broker Uptown Funding has lower overhead than it's competitors such as net branches and banks, which have brick and mortar locations. This allows Uptown Funding to offer better compensation than it's competitors.

Better Pricing

Another advantage of the lower overhead is that when it comes to pricing they are tough to beat. If one wholesaler isn't competitive enough on pricing there are a number of other partners to shop to find the best deal for the customer, unlike net branches and banks who are captive.

More Products

Banks and net branches are captive and can only offer their customers the products that their company offers. As a broker, Uptown Funding has a plethora of products to choose from depending on what best suits the borrower and their needs.

  • Expanded Conventional Loans (Primary Home, 2nd Home, Investor)
  • Expanded Government Loans
  • Non-Agency